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LTC West will be on air on the Joyce Kaufman show

Tuesday December 16, 2008  at 3PM

Lt. Col. Allen B West has defended the U.S. Constitution on the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan and faced down the world’s bloodiest jihadists for over 20 years and he vows to do the same on the morally bankrupt political front at home. On the Joyce Kaufman show Col. West will make an announcement about the future!! He urges us to listen.

Here’s the link :


And also a LETTER from Col. West:

Last night was a very reflective time for me and certainly solidified some thoughts in my head about the future.

I watched Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr’s statement yesterday and asked myself, who does he think he is fooling? The day before Gov Blago was arrested he was in his office, pleading his case for a Senate seat. Leaders never plead their case, their honor speaks volumes and their name and achievements are beyond reproach. If Congressman Jackson Jr’s reputation was impeccable, no one would have been caught on tape even suggesting buying a Senate seat on his behalf.

I saw the House of Representatives last night approve American taxpayer dollars go to a private industry, the auto bailout. And yes, good ole Ron Klein hit the “Yea” button. Has any American taxpayer had the chance to see the plan to change their failed business practices, please send it to me. Regardless, until the Big Three auto industry executives liquidate some of their personal assets and holdings they should not be given one cent of our money.

Until they are living in a two bedroom single family dwelling, cutting their own grass, their wives making their own dinners, and driving themselves to work, they don’t get our money. Until I can see some visible sacrifice made by them, and union executives as well, to rectify their failures as leaders of their organizations, they don’t get our money.

I saw where a Pembroke Pines HS student, Katherine Davies, now has the ACLU to defend her after she used Facebook to post disrespectful comments about a teacher she did not like. She also encouraged others to do the same. She was suspended and now the ACLU is coming to her rescue. What happened to respect for authority, and especially a teacher? Wonder why our education system is failing? (and remember, I taught at Deerfield Beach HS for a year) Where are the parents, are the adults no longer in control, or do adults even exist?

I thought about the Mumbai attacks and seeing Mr Deepak Chopra stating that it is our fault that radical Islamic ideologues hate us. It is because of our policies that these terrorist gunmen went looking for Americans, Brits, and Jews to torture and kill. I guess Leon Klinghoffer deserved his fate being pushed off the Achilles Lauro? When Mr Chopra stated we needed to send more Doctors and humanitarian aid I remembered in Afghanistan when Taliban caught medical aid workers and made them drink the polio vaccinations intended for children….because they thought their intent was to inject the muslim children with pig juice.

I thought about how this entire election cycle neither presidential candidate addressed illegal immigration…and to this day our “Office of the President Elect” has not made any statement about stated subject. However, same office appointed Arizona Gov Janet Napolitano as Homeland Security head, and then someone sent me a picture of a van wreck where 21 illegal immigrants exited the vehicle…it was from Arizona.

I thought about the lack of a direction and message from the Republican party and its void of leadership. The inability to articulate and return to its conservative points and therefore offering no contrast at all in the presidential election. I thought about a candidate that was so weak and never seemed to want to fight, although we were being admonished to do so. I thought about the party leadership at State and National level who looked at a 22 year retired Army combat veteran running for Congress and said, we don’t want to support you, that just pissed that fella off.

Lastly, I became incensed to learn that on 20 January 2009 our new President shall be sworn into office using his full name, Barack Hussein Obama. And I recalled how no one was permitted to say his full name lest they be tainted as racist and inciting hatred against muslims. I thought about how nothing mattered during the campaign cycle, but seemingly now, these things are starting to matter. We did not elect a President on 4 November 2008, we elected a Prom King and Queen.

America is forgetting what principled leadership looks like and it is time for refresher training. My family has offered four generations of Men to serve this great Nation in military uniform, my Dad in WW II, older Brother in Vietnam, myself, and now my Nephew. As with those of you hearing these words who served, we did not serve this Nation to see this appalling display of corruption, incompetence, and lack of intestinal fortitude, and I mean from all of these petty usurpers and charlatans, regardless of party affiliation.

Any of you out there listening and disagreeing with what was just read, you are dead  above the neck. You are a contributing factor to this current state and I implore you to wake up, be objective, and take a stand for our Republic.

Next week I shall be on Joyce’s show in studio, and I have an announcement to make based upon last evening’s reflections.

Regards, Lieutenant Colonel Allen (my middle name is Bernard) West, US Army, Retired


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